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For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I can't believe this is the last week of the transfer already!

Y'all are probably tired of seeing that in practically every subject line. Sorry. :) I can't help it, though! Time flies by so stinkin' fast, it's ridiculous!

So, my uber big super exciting news is that (providing everything works out the way it should) we should be having a baptism on May 9th!!!! We FINALLY got all the little kinks worked out with Honor and Damian, and she's firmly committed to getting baptized this weekend. They're supposed to go pick up the marriage license today, then Bishop Sanders is going to marry them at the church on Thursday, and then Saturday she'll get baptized! This is truly a miracle and tender mercy from the Lord, and we're positive and full of faith that everything will work out.

Other than that, it's coming up on transfer time again. I'm 99.9% sure that I'll be leaving Prairieville...but Heavenly Father likes to keep me on my toes, and I often need reminding that I am NOT the one in charge, so we'll see. I'll be able to let y'all know for sure next Tuesday, because I'll know for sure a week from today. (A WEEK FROM TODAY?!! Holy CROW!)

We had an AWESOME fast and testimony meeting yesterday. There was an actual theme to everyone's testimonies. I've never seen that happen in a ward before (that I can remember, at least). There was such a sweet feeling---nothing overwhelming or super powerful, but just a tender, quiet feeling of love. It boosted me for the rest of the day. I loved it.

We're working with some awesome people here! I'm pretty sure I already told y'all about Crystal, and then there is Karla. She just moved from Virginia with her husband and little girl, Jayla. She'd been talking a bit with sister missionaries up there, and tender mercies from the Lord, we happened to bump into her while walking around the apartment complex where she lives. (I might have already told y'all about her too, I can't remember.) We had a good lesson with her earlier this week; she had some questions about some things she'd been reading in Genesis, so we were able to help her out with that. We also got to talk about Adam and Eve, and the Fall, which was awesome. She was going to come to church yesterday, but ended up not being able to make it. But it wasn't because she didn't want to, which is new and a relief. She'll get baptized, I can just feel it.

Other than that, everything else is going good! Sister Horan and I decided to end this transfer with a BANG!, so I WILL have some good stories to share next week. Let's just hope I have time to write them all!

I love y'all! Thanks for all your prayers. We really can feel them out here.

Also, in case he's reading this, thank you Anthony. You know why. :)

All right, I'm outta here! Keep on keepin' on, y'all!

Your Friend in the Faith,
Sister Pedersen

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Cydney Jensen said...

So I have sent you several emails and some letters. The letters have all come back to me, so I need your address. I miss you and I wish that you were here because our baby will be here anyday!