2 Corinthians 4:5

For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovin' Life in Lousiana!

Hey y'all...
So, I know I didn't write last week. My bad...I took too long writing my other emails and debating which pictures to include, and the computer booted me off. Sad day, huh? (Okay, not REALLY sad, but still...)

This week has been good...we had zone conference on Wednesday, and it was AMAZING!, as usual. President Woods taught us about charity, which was truly inspired, because I'd been struggling feeling patience, let alone love, for some people lately. It was a good reminder of why I am really out here, and who I need to BE and BE LIKE to invite people with the power that is neccessary. I love being led by inspiration!

We got to see the General Relief Society broadcast this weekend, and OH BOY WAS IT GOOD!!! I loved Sister Thompson's talk, "Mind the Gap." I loved all the talks, but I really related to Sister Thompson's. It was really REALLY good.

I've got some names for y'all to keep in your prayers---April Scott, Nancy Bonvillain, Rita Hebert, Jeff Outhouse, Dana Rutledge, and Day. They're all trying to quit smoking, and we're trying to help them. But that tobacco has a really REALLY strong pull, and they need all the strength they can get.

I love you all! Keep on keepin' on! Remember---trust God, do good, don't worry!

Your Friend in the Faith,
Sister P.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Transfer time again....

So, I'm staying in Houma (YAY!) with Sister Santos (YAY!) until she goes back to Temple Square in October (YA....wait a second...that's not a good thing!)

We were asked by the assistants to type up a little note talking about the miracles we've seen here in Houma. I know we were inspired while writing it, because it's better than anything I normally can come up with. So I'm including that in here, because it's fitting.

""But behold, [we, Sisters Pedersen and Santos], will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." (1 Nephi 1:20)

What an outpouring of tender mercies we are truly seeing here in our beloved Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, elders and sisters! We cannot begin to express our amazement and our love and gratitude for our Heavenly Father and our Savior. Remember that tsunami Elder Kikuchi promised us? Well, seeing as how we're closest to the coast, we want to let y'all know that the gargantuan wave of spiritual blessings is headed your way.

Every day, our faith and our trust in the Lord is being tested and tried. We've been given the weapons we need to "fight the good fight," and as we use them boldly and with the power that has been given to us as representatives of the Savior, we ARE seeing miracles. As we strive to continue to be exactly obedient, our Father cannot help but shower us in a multitude of blessings. Our Savior cannot help but walk beside us as we push forward in our ministries. They ARE with us, elders and sisters, and we testify of that with great joy!

"Be not afraid," our Master has assured us, "but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee...for I have much people in this city." (Acts 18:9-10). The people are out there, and we are humbled at the tender mercies and miracles we have seen. All of you helped bring these souls to Christ---it is because of our increase in obedience and faith and diligence as a mission that this tidal wave is being brought to pass.

Get ready, everyone...the wave is coming your way! Let us all continue to be obedient, to be more like our Savior and Redeemer, and prove ourselves to be disturbers and annoyers of the advesary's kingdom. We love you, and pray for every one of you each night.

Your Friends in the Faith,
Sister Pedersen and Sister Santos"

The world is getting scarier and scarier. The Savior needs us to do our part so He can come again. Let's work our hardest so that He can come soon, and bring that promised peace we're all so desperately seeking! I love you all, and I'll talk to y'all next week!

Your Friend in the Faith,
Sister P.