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For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Goodbye week 2, onto week 3!

Hey ya'll!

So, I've survived my first full week of training. More importantly, Sister Horan has survived my first full week of training! HOORAY! ;)
This last week was a really good one, even if it was insane. Because of Mardi Gras on Tuesday, everything got turned topsy-turvy. Monday, which is normally P-day, was district meeting; however, because the assistants and the office elders had a office staff meeting (and they ARE our district), our district meeting was moved to Wednesday, which made Monday a normal proselyting day, which was very odd.
Then we had New Missionary Training on Friday, which took up most of our day. That part I didn't mind; I needed New Missionary Training! We had instructions from the assistants, as well as President and Sister Woods. I even got to have a mini-reunion with half of my MTC district! I got to see Elders Winlow and Cook, because they were both training too. I hadn't seen Elder Cook since I was the new missionary at NMT! That was fun, getting to catch up with them. I also got to see Elders Snow, Zollinger, and Richins, who are all my good buddies too. They split us up into trainees and trainers, and as trainers, we got to sit and have a personal pow-wow with President and Sister Woods. They gave us advice and counsel, and we got to be very open about how we were feeling and getting along with our companions. It was comforting to know that I wasn't the only young trainer there. In fact, the oldest---who had been in the mission field the longest---missionary there had just hit his 8 month mark. Elder Cook, Elder Winlow and I hit our 4 1/2 month mark the end of February, and Elder Richins and Zollinger came out one transfer after we did! President told us that he felt inspired to call young trainers, and that he knew we all would be fine. He is an amazing man, and I love him dearly! He gave us all a lot of comfort that day.
Sister Horan and I found a couple of sweet new investigators this week too! Mr. Freddy and Ms. Audry are an older couple, and they invited us right in, and we all sat and talked for half an hour about angels and the Holy Ghost, and there was such a peaceful feeling in their little apartment! We're going to try and see them again either tonight or tomorrow. I'm super stoked!
Well, that's all for me! Oh, wait...one last thing. I had my first boiled crawfish this last week, and it was SO GOOD! And yes, for all ya'll who have ever had boiled crawfish before, I did suck the head. And I have pictures to prove it. :) One of our investigators, Becky, got a entire feast for us to try! We had seafood gumbo (SO YUMMY!), fried shrimp poboy (SO YUMMY!), king cake (SO SO SO YUMMY!!!), boudin (pretty good), and cracklin. Honestly, the only thing I didn't like out of the entire meal was the cracklin. I'm sorry, it must be an acquired taste thing or something, because deep fried pig skin and leftovers? NASTY. Blech. And I've been warned about hogshead cheese....*shudder!* That might be the only exception I make to my rule of trying everything at least once.
Okay, now I'm outta time! 'Til next week---
Your Friend in the Faith,
Sister P.

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