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For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sister Pedersen's First Letter Home

Morgan sent the following letter home:

Dear Mom, Dad, and Stacia,

Yes, I know I've only been in the MTC for a matter of hours, but I had some free time after unpacking so I thought I'd start my first letter to you.

Today was a busy day! I met my very first companion, Sister Dalley. She is from Incom, ID. I totally knew where that was, too! She's really nice. The other sister I've met is Sister Boulter who is from St. George! Small world, huh? The three of us are all going to the Louisiana-Baton Rouge Mission. They were in the earlier orientation meeting. Sister Dalley and I both went to BYU-Idaho and Sister Boulter went to BYU. We haven't met anyone else in our room yet, but by the looks of the decoration, one sister is either from Australia or is going there. Don't worry, Mom, I will find out for you!

I've already seen Elder Long (boy from Hurricane) a couple of times today; it made me smile. I stood in line next to Sister Ness--she's friends with Cydni, too! She recognized me from Cyd's bridal shower. Man, the Lord works fast here! I was kind of worried about standing in line alone, and--BAM! There comes Sister Ness.

It's overwhelming, seeing how vastly outnumbered we sisters are. It's a good kind of overwhelming, though. It creates lots of opportunities. Hooray!!!

(written later that evening)

Now that it is later, I've met my other roomies here at my residency hall. Sister Sheer, who is Sister Boulter's companion, is going to the Texas-Fort Worth Mission. Sister Naulu is a Tongan Australian--it's her flags that are all over the room. She is from Brisbane, Australia. She and her companion are serving in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.

Argh! There is no time! Okay. Sorry the end of this is rushed, but it's "lights out" in five minutes and I've got a bunch left to do. I love you!

Your missionary,

Sister Morgan Pedersen

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